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MEDStara, serbia 2015
// i gained my first workshop experience as a participant with the project called "rebuild communication". the interventions are our answer to the question how humans can interact and communicate with and through nature.
MEDSbucharest, romania 2016
// i gained my second workshop experience as a participant with the project called "parcare publica". the scaffolding is creating public spaces for the public on the university campus and therefore contributes to social exchange. 
MEDSgent, belgium 2017
// i tutored for the first time together with carlota stürmer (germany) the refurbishment of the "butterfly boat" in gent. the butterfly boat is from the 40s and used as an artist residency. together with our group, we took up the challenge to fight obsolescence through recycling materials and using minimalistic design techniques, getting the most out of the small space.
MEDSbyblos, lebanon 2018
// i tutored for the second time together with felix wernli (switzerland) an urban planning project due to the lack of public spaces in lebanon. Together with our team, we learned how to discover, define, develop and deliver a series of urban interventions at amchit boulevard which consists of two parts: 1) design and construction and 2) communication and visualization of it.
MEDSnetwork, since 2015
// next to the workshops, i am the chief coordinator for the media department since 2016. this role includes the coordination and organisation of corporate identity, social media, publications and website to my team. additionally, i communicate closely our results to the other departments such as finance, project management, communication and workshop support. my interest in MEDS is to improve the network and its initiatives for the future of the organisation.
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