master's program: creative technologies
// i am not only studying the new study program creative technologies, but i also want to help reaching the right target group because i knew the difficulties. i have been studying this program mainly alone.  therefore, i started working for my study program as a media designer and created the corporate identity as well as setting up and updating the social media channels three times per week. the work has been payed off: seven new students enrolled for the winter semester of 2018.
interdisciplinary project: die ankunft.
// die ankunft is a transmedia storytelling project that was created by two profs from the dramaturgy department. having participated in this project since the start of my masters, i have been part of the storytelling process and am the intermediary between story and media implementation. apart from that i have also created the corporate identity and am working a lot on pitches for sponsors.
semester project: world in man
// world in man is an interactive online svg illustration that derived from an analog illustration I drew in 2016 and programmed in 2017. due to the abstract design concept, the user is invited to think about human interaction and the influences of everyday life situations on our lives. Depending on the user interactions with the imaginary character, the character reacts and presents his resulting state of mind. 
// visit world in man

semester project: (in)sane goethe

// (in)sane goethe derives from johann wolfgang von goethe’s tragedy faust I. there he describes the main character faust being torn between heaven and hell. In the first part ”Prologue in Heaven” mephistopheles is even trying to get faust’s soul and wants to seduce him. god, knowing that he will be on right way, approves to show mephistopheles that belief cannot be destroyed. additionally, faust is unsatisfied: as a scientist he does not innovative results and as a human he is unable to enjoy live to the fullest. as a consequence, two strengths are pulling him either way.  
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