fuchsteufels, since 2017 
// fuchsteufels is a full-service collective. we create everything that you need to start your business or the revision of your brand for a fresh touch. our full-service includes concepts for logos, website, film and marketing in order to make your fresh start as simple as possible.
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99firefilms award: in guter gesellschaft
// in guter gesellschaft is a competing film for the 99firefilms award by fuchsteufels and nicolas julian weyel. we had 99 hours to come up with the story, the concept, the organisation as well as the production of the film. together we were chosen to be one of the best 99 films. 
// a dubious business man is accused of having committed an estate fraud. Now he is facing a long imprisonment unless he has another plan.
exhibition: shadowing
// fuchsteufels in cooperation with my master's program was chosen with our project "shadowing" to be part of the open air exhibition/festival of SFEN "stadt für eine nacht" in potsdam this summer 2017. the visitor‘s shadow will be shooted in front of a canvas and directly uploaded to the website gallery. at the same time the visitor has the chance to download or share it directly via qr-code. 
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4karat, since 2017
// 4karat is a transmedia and interactive storytelling collective. we create new forms of web series that is fulfilling today's needs of innovative watching experiences. this includes concepts for an exposé, trailer production, a marketing concept as well as the final script.
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fulda, by the way, from 2016 – 2018
// fulda, by the way is an alternative map showing unique shops, cafés, restaurants, bars and initiatives in fulda. every label is offering a short description with the most important facts in german and english. therefore, internationals can benefit as from this map, too. the approach between students to the city and vice-versa is a challenge for Fulda as oftentimes, conservative structures work against student interests.

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